Cacao Sensohealing Ritual


Cacao in its natural state was used by our ancestors to unify the heart and family.
It will be a sensory ritual where we will drink the drink of the God's according to our ancestors. We will use succulent tasty treats, blindfolds, aromas, dances, sensory touch, live music.
Cacao the natural medicine that opens the heart, comes to connect with your interior, open your heart and then take the Holy drink and experience your revival.
Cacao via its healing properties will enable a more joyful life. We use Cacao beans from Centenary trees. 100+ years. 

Facilitator: Johanna Mejia, female medicine holistic therapist in different techniques, healing songs, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, facilitator of Cacao ceremonies.

For the ceremony you must bring Comfortable clothes, you enter the meditation barefoot. Space limit 12 people. Duration 2 hours approx. 
If you need accommodation we have many options available.
phone : + 1809.605.9355
$100 Pre-Sale $150 General with your name and phone number tell us why you would like to attend.